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    Junkers Aircraft and Motor Works JFM designed the plane in the mids as a so-called Schnellbomber "fast bomber" that would be too fast for fighters of its era to intercept. It suffered from technical problems during its development and early operational periods but became one of the most versatile combat aircraft of the war.

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    Like a number of other Luftwaffe bombers, it served as a bomberdive bombernight fightertorpedo bomberreconnaissance aircraftheavy fighter and at the end of the war, as a flying bomb. Despite a protracted development, it became one of the Luftwaffe ' s most important aircraft. The assembly line ran constantly from to and more than 15, Ju 88s were built in dozens of variants, more than any other twin-engine German aircraft of the period. Throughout production the basic structure of the aircraft remained unchanged.

    The Ministry of Aviation requested the aircraft, which differed from the Ju 88 due to the use of a twin fin tail unit. The aircraft was never put into service.

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    Three further aircraft, Werknummerandwere to be powered by Jumo engines. It was an aircraft that could finally fulfill the promise of the Schnellbombera high-speed bomber. The streamlined fuselage was modeled after its contemporary, the Dornier Do 17but with fewer defensive guns because the belief still held that it could outrun late s-era fighters.

    This feature allowed the main wheels to end up above the lower end of the strut when fully retracted [N 1] and was adopted as standard for all future production Ju 88s, and only minimally modified for the later Ju and developments of it. These single-leg landing gear struts also made use of stacks of conical Belleville washers inside them as their main form of suspension for takeoffs and landings.

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    Byradical modifications from the first prototype began to produce a "heavy" dive bomber. The wings were strengthened, dive brakes were added, the fuselage was extended and the number of crewmen was increased to four. Due to these advances, the Ju 88 was to enter the war as a medium bomber. The choice of annular radiators for engine cooling on the Ju 88, which placed these radiators immediately forward of each engine and directly behind each propeller, allowed the cooling lines for the engine coolant and oil -cooling radiators integrated within the annular design to be as short as possible, with integral port and starboard air intakes for cooling the exhaust headers, the starboard inlet also supplying the inlet air for the supercharger.

    The Ju 88 V7 was fitted with cable-cutting equipment to combat the potential threat of British barrage balloonsand was successfully tested in this role. The A-0 series was developed through the V9 and V10 prototypes.

    Junkers Ju 88

    The A-1 series prototypes were Wrk Nrsand The A-1s were given the Jumo B-1 or G powerplants. Production was delayed drastically by developmental problems.

    Although planned for a service introduction inthe Ju 88 finally entered squadron service with only 12 aircraft on the first day of the invasion of Poland in Production was painfully slow, with only one Ju 88 manufactured per week, as problems continually kept cropping up.

    In October Generalluftzeugmeister Ernst Udet had ordered the development of the Ju 88 as a heavy dive bomber.

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    This decision was influenced by the success of the Ju 87 Stuka in this role. The Junkers development center at Dessau gave priority to the study of pull-out systems and dive brakes. These models became the planned prototype for the A-1 series.We determined the incidence of second hip fracture and evaluated whether compliant and persistent users of bisphosphonate had a lower incidence of second hip fracture after prior hip fracture, from a national claim registry. Bisphosphonate is prescribed worldwide for the primary prevention of osteoporotic fracture.

    However, the association between adherent use of bisphosphonate and prevention of second hip fracture is unclear.

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    Our purpose was to determine whether the adherent use of bisphosphonate was associated with a decreased risk of second hip fracture in South Korea, using a nationwide database. From tofirst and second hip fractures were identified using the ICD and procedure code form from the nationwide database of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.

    Compliant use of bisphosphonate was defined as a patient medication possession ratio of 80 or more. We compared the incidence of second hip fracture in compliant and persistent users and non-users. Among 59, patients with first hip fracture, in this study, 1, second hip fracture occurred after the initial hip fracture during the study period. The mean age at the first hip fracture was The cumulative 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year incidence of second hip fracture was 1.

    After multivariate analysis, compliant and persistent use of bisphosphonate was significantly independent protectors for second hip fracture HR, 0.

    Compliant and persistent use of bisphosphonate decreases the risk of second hip fracture, in terms of secondary prevention. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. J Bone Miner Metab — J Rheumatol — J Korean Med Sci — A meta-analysis. Osteoporos Int — Bilezikian JP Efficacy of bisphosphonates in reducing fracture risk in postmenopausal osteoporosis. Am J Med S14—S Am J Med S3—S Osteoporos Int 24 2 — The oriental perspective in a world context.

    Clin Orthop Relat Res. J Korean Orthop Assoc — Google Scholar. J Bone Miner Metab 29 6 — Osteoporos Int 23 7 — Rheum Dis Clin North Am — BMC Publ Health Curr Med Res Opin —Wikipedia is a compendium of the world's knowledge. If you know what you are looking for, type it into Wikipedia's search box.

    If, however, you need a bird's eye view of what Wikipedia has to offer, see its main contents pages below, which in turn list more specific pages.

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    Wikipedia's main navigation subsystems overviewsoutlineslistsportalsglossariescategoriesand indices are each divided into the following subject classifications:. Overview articles summarize in prose a broad topic like biologyand also have illustrations and links to subtopics like cell biologybiographies like Carl Linnaeusand other related articles like Human Genome Project. Outline pages have trees of topics in an outline formatwhich in turn are linked to further outlines and articles providing more detail.

    Outlines show how important subtopics relate to each other based on how they are arranged in the tree, and they are useful as a more condensed, non-prose alternative to overview articles. Vital articles are lists of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles.

    They serve as centralized watchlists to track the status of Wikipedia's most important articles. Various third-party classification systems have been mapped to Wikipedia articles, which can be accessed from these pages:. Wikipedia has several types of pages which provide content in a non-prose form, for reference purposes.

    List pages enumerate items of a particular type, such as the List of sovereign states or List of South Africans. Wikipedia has "lists of lists" when there are too many items to fit on a single page, when the items can be sorted in different ways, or as a way of navigating lists on a topic for example Lists of countries and territories or Lists of people.

    There are several ways to find lists:. Timelines list events chronologically, sometimes including links to articles with more detail. There are several ways to find timelines:. Glossaries are lists of terms with definitions. Wikipedia includes hundreds of alphabetical glossaries; they can be found two ways:.

    Bibliographies list sources on a given topic, for verification or further reading outside Wikipedia:. Discographies catalog the sound recordings of individual artists or groups. Portals contain featured articles and imagesnews, categories, excerpts of key articles, links to related portals, and to-do lists for editors. There are two ways to find portals:. Growing collections of Wikipedia articles are starting to become available as spoken word recordings as well.

    Wikipedia's collection of category pages is a classified index system. It is automatically generated from category tags at the bottoms of articles and most other pages. Nearly all of the articles available so far on the website can be found through these subject indexes.

    dj yk kg

    If you are simply looking to browse articles by topic, there are three top-level pages to choose from:. For biographies, see Category:People.Tuesday, July 14, Trending Now. Zinoleesky — Mapariwo Instrumental Prod by Jaytunsonthebeat. Search For Beats and Instrumentals. Producer Profile: Don Dizy A.

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    I Love You - Danbi. Turkish Rondo - Richard Clayderman. Canon In D - Brian Crain. Sound of Buddha - V. Sorry I love you - Beat. Lotus Flower - Eric Chiryoku.U or u is the 21st and sixth-to-last letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet and the fifth vowel letter of the modern English alphabet.

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    The letter u ultimately comes from the Phoenician letter waw by way of the letter y. See the letter y for details. During the late Middle Agestwo forms of 'v' developed, which were both used for its ancestor 'u' and modern 'v'. The pointed form 'v' was written at the beginning of a word, while a rounded form 'u' was used in the middle or end, regardless of sound. So whereas 'through' and 'excuse' appeared as in modern printing, 'have' and 'upon' were printed 'haue' and 'vpon', respectively.

    The first recorded use of 'u' and 'v' as distinct letters is in a Gothic alphabet fromwhere 'v' preceded 'u'. Printers eschewed capital 'U' into the 17th century and the distinction between the two letters was not fully accepted by the French Academy until There are "long" and "short" pronunciations.

    One thing to note is that certain varieties of the English language i. British EnglishCanadian Englishetc. In the context of Newtonian mechanics 'U' is the symbol for the potential energy of a system. It is used mainly for Venn diagrams and geometry. U or sometimes RU is a standard height unit of measure in rack unitswith each U equal to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    This article is about the letter of the alphabet. For other uses, see U disambiguation. For an encoding, see Ascii Letter in the Latin alphabet. Ues is the plural of the name of the letter; the plural of the letter itself is rendered U's, U s, u's, or u s.

    Letter by Letter: An Alphabetical Miscellany.The Street DJ that can make you dance till brings the street to your door step. DJs of nowadays need to understand that this is a new generation and we need something new or different.

    dj yk kg

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