• Vietnam apparel sourcing

    Vietnam apparel sourcing

    Trade Shows are a great way to meet a large number of supplier in person in Vietnam. Not only will you get to see and try out many of their products in persons, you can meet a representative and start to build a contact. At Cosmo we often budget some time after a trade show to actually go and meet with the most promising factories and supplier in person, and learn more about their production capabilities.

    This is a good list of the Trade Shows that are worth attending in Vietnam. Last year they had almost manufacturers represented and over 1, booths. The fair features a full range of Furniture manufacturers, handicrafts, home decor and more.

    The event is held every year in March. The show has a huge focus on Furniture and home accessories and will feature not just finished products but the latest manufacturing methods and innovations.

    vietnam apparel sourcing

    Vietnam is rapidly becoming one of the most important countries for clothing and textiles manufacturing. As a result, this show is becoming the hub for not just clothing manufacturer s in Vietnam but also China and Southeast Asia. Both of these events are focused more on the machinery and materials used in manufacturing and not on final goods.

    This trade show is focused on machinery that is related to the making of textiles and garments and not so much on finished goods.

    This is a popular event that is attended by over 10, people and has hundreds of exhibitors. Despite the focus on machinery, it will still be extremely well attended by representatives of major fashion retailers and merchandisers.

    This is also a great show to visit if you want to see some major innovations in clothing before they hit the market. About: Most commonly called ProPak Vietnam. This trade show is the largest exhibition of packing material made in Vietnam. Last years show had over 8, visitors and about exhibitors. The show focuses not only on packaging but the equipment and machinery as well. Inthis event had over 15, visitors and over exhibitors.

    The one big thing that does separate this event from ProPak is that it also focuses on Food Tech, such as machinery to make packaged foods. ETE Vietnam is the largest electronics expo in Vietnam.

    For they anticipate having exhibitors, and over 20, visitors. This trade show is focused on all electronics as well as components. Nepcon is one of the largest electronics events in Vietnam the show.The small nation to the south of China is rising in the manufacturing industry and quickly becoming one of the largest exporters of garments and textiles in the world.

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    Bordering the manufacturing giant that is China, Vietnam benefits from the manufacturing expertise that continues to spill over as existing factories in China become more and more overcrowded. Chinese manufacturers have been moving their factories to Vietnam since the early s because sourcing from Vietnam offers refuge from the brutal competition of Chinese businesses. Shipping by ocean can be 6 times less expensive than by air so manufacturing in a country with several trade ports is a huge cost advantage.

    The government has placed strict environmental regulations and protection laws on the manufacturing industry. Since the industry is still growing, it has the potential to move in a sustainable direction with the help of outside investors and international brands.

    It is the first factory in Vietnam equipped with solar panels to provide up to 20 percent of the energy required for operations during dry seasons. Get started with a free quote today. For now, this is one of few factories pursuing green initiatives, but sustainable manufacturing practices have the potential to take off as infrastructure continues to upgrade.

    Since the manufacturing industry is still growing, Vietnamese manufacturers are more willing to accept smaller order quantities than those in China. At best, factories are willing to produce an MOQ at pcs compared to a Chinese factory that generally requires pcs. This is great for smaller businesses or eCommerce startups requesting smaller production runs. In the garment and textile industry, factories produce goods such as jackets, pants, coats, towel products, and a wide range of sewn items due to advancing sewing capabilities.

    Sewing, quality control, and packaging are all done in-house, but many of the raw materials like cotton have to be outsourced. Fabric production only meets percent of domestic demand due to lack of domestic cotton suppliers.

    Every year, garment factories import percent of total cotton demand. Most apparel and home textile factories employ anywhere fromworkers. A smaller factory with workers has an annual capacity of aboutpieces. A larger factory with a few thousand workers produces millions of garments each year. The infrastructure in Vietnam is standard for a country in its stage of development, ranking 79th out of in overall quality of infrastructure.

    The government is taking steps in the right direction to improve factory structure standards and realizing the positive impact of manufacturing on the economy. The real benefit to manufacturing in Vietnam is the shipping advantage. The country has two international airports, several major ports, reliable power, and easy access to the internet and cellular networks.

    Since the country is small, most suppliers are located close to an airport or major port. The one big thing to consider is the fast trade growth against the slow infrastructure improvements. There is also the threat that ports will reach maximum capacity in the face of increased trade volume.

    When the means of transporting your finished goods from the factory to a distribution center become unreliable, you add risk into your supply chain.

    The manufacturing industry in Vietnam continues to grow and strengthen for many reasons but mainly due to the abundance of highly skilled workers.

    The Vietnamese are skilled at hand assembly work and the quality of hand assembly work is very competitive. The workmanship standards are high so low-quality products are rare. Consistent high quality production is an advantage but can turn into a disadvantage if turnaround times are slower.

    As long as the factory has efficient infrastructure and organization, the high quality production adds value to your product or branding. Worker salaries have either a big impact or a HUGE impact on your cost per unit depending on your product. Products that require expensive materials or materials that must be outsourced will still have a higher unit price. This is big. The graph is an example of what it may cost to get a medium size production order of apparel shipped from your manufacturer.

    In this case, the shipping includes the base rate and any other additional taxes.One of the biggest issues with finding suppliers is that the business landscape of Vietnam is fragmented. While Vietnam is the third fastest growing economy in the world, the country is still experiencing growing pains. When finding a supplier it sometimes feels like the wild west and information can be hard to come by without actually being there. Despite this, there are still several resources to help you out.

    This guide compiles the best ways to find a supplier in Vietnam. While China has Alibaba and several other alternatives to find suppliers, you may be asking how do I find suppliers in Vietnam. For starting out, you can actually use Alibaba as they allow you to sort by country -- Simply select Vietnam on the country tab. Beyond Alibaba, there are a few other websites that focus specifically on Vietnam and are a great resource to find Vietnamese suppliers.

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    Even though Alibaba is a Chinese company whose focus is on China, they still have a very impressive list of Vietnamese suppliers. A good modern website that maintains a large database of verified factories in Vietnam. The website is endorsed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. The website is much better to use than others due to quality. In addition to the database, they provide a ton of industry-specific information and news. The website also promotes agricultural products such as coffee and Lychee, which is often difficult to find.

    Founded inVietnam Manufacturers started as a trade journal to promote Vietnamese companies and business interests worldwide. They have since expanded and now provide a large searchable database, trade show promotions, and industry-specific publications. Regardless they maintain a very good database of Vietnamese based manufacturers that are in English and easy to search. Since the factories in their database are largely Japanese managed you tend to find manufacturers that have much higher quality control.

    I have used this database and found good suppers through them. They maintain a large database of suppliers. VietnameseMade is another database of manufacturers that focus on the Vietnamese market. It is a B2B trade portal to help connect buyers around the world to sellers in Vietnam.

    While the main focus on the website is to provide news to exporters in Vietnam they do maintain a directory of business in Vietnam. While the main focus is on China, they still have a decent search for suppliers in Vietnam. Global Sources is one of the 3 websites along with Alibaba and that I would recommend you always use for every project.The taste for fashion is rapidly expanding in Vietnam as young generations, especially women, aspire to a modern lifestyle.

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    Recently, there has been a new trend in the Vietnamese fashion industry by designers who create high-end fashion products from Vietnamese traditional materials, in collaboration with fabric artisans. A One Vietnam: A One Vietnam provides services' to the fashion and apparel industry in Vietnam which includes fashion retail and manufacturing opportunities, sourcing fabric and factory facilities.

    B2B Co. Address: No. Dapto Company : They are a knit garment manufacturer in Vietnam with 20 years of experience. They are specially strong offering good quality and good service.

    vietnam apparel sourcing

    They are looking forward to cooperating with you with their full attention and professionalism. Their strong products include the following:. They specialise in all areas of garment manufacture covering all items both woven and knit. They manage orders no matter how big or small, especially small fashion runs. Far East Garment Services Co. Please visit their website www. H ang Xanh International Co. Adding Your own Designs are always welcome.

    CDs and Quotation are available in the case of your interests. Lechat Studio : Inspired by the natural resources available around them, Lechat Studio, a fresh innovative fashion company, sets out to create natural lifestyle brand by interweaving traditional Vietnamese culture with the dynamism of the 21st Century leading to a vibrant fusion of "Western and Eastern style".

    Lechat Studio aims to provide unique silk fashion and exotic accessories for ladies with a broad range of fabric which is primarily from pure silks, velvets to pure cottons sourced from the East. Their products have been selected from among the best artisan craftsmanship, and they would be happy if you like them to explain any of their products to you. Or if you are interested in a special order. They offer services starting from pattern making all the way through production.

    Their office is strategically located in Vietnam, benefiting their customers by utilizing a large network of artisans, high quality at low cost factories, and an abundance of textile materials from throughout Asia.

    They also service large-scale garment productions. Their team of industry experts and extensive network with factories in the Asia region allow for reliable delivery of your products at competitive costs. Their Vietnam office with experienced technical staff has been involved in all aspects of garment production and sourcing in Vietnam market since early nineties and have since then been successfully servicing their Australian and European customers.

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    Address: 21 Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Dist. New World Co.

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    Their main partners: Jungmin Corporation, Shinjin Co. Address: R, No. TeeTick Private Label Clothing Vietnam : Business owners that are searching for an affordable branding option will surely find TeeTick extremely helpful. This international private label clothing manufacturer, which is based in Vietnam, offers quality clothes that may be personalized with logos, text and images.

    TeeTick personalizes t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, hats and just about any type of garment worn by men, women and children. TeeTick accepts both small and large orders.I recommend my books to get started. They are available as eBooks, print and on Audio. Or, contact me for a free consultation.

    apparel sourcing vietnam

    Available as eBook or Audio Book. In order to give you a better service we use cookies. If you continue we assume that you consent to receive tracking and third-party cookies. Thai Son S. P sewing factory offers full service garment production using circular knitted fabrics.

    Their MOQ is 2, and they require a deposit to buy fabric. They specialize in women's fashion and sportswear. They are a Baselayer manufacturer in Vietnam with 50 - 4 needle six thread flat lock machines. Contact Sim who is in charge of on boarding new customers. In order to quote price they need your tech packs and order quantities. Video: I can help you launch your fashion brand in Vietnam. P History. Sim's parents first started producing cut and sew knitwear when she was in High School.

    She joined them in and started developing relations with customers overseas. They have faced many production challenges and solved them all when it comes to producing cut and sew knit garments in Vietnam.

    They produce men's, women's and children's clothing using circular knitted fabrics. They buy cotton, polyester, viscose, modal and spandex yarn.

    They import the yarn into Vietnam and then outsource the knitting. They produce a variety of fabrics from basic jersey fabric to complicated jacquard fabric. They then outsource the fabric dyeing to their trusted Oeko-Tex certified partners who will dye to your Pantone color and finish the fabric according to your technical specifications.

    They check fabric and cut it before sending it to their 17 sewing lines for seaming and embellishment. They iron and pack under their roof. After packing in poly bags and carton boxes, they deliver your finished garments to the Ho Chi Minh city port where your freight forwarder manages shipping.

    They are a family owned private clothing manufacturer with two factories and one merchandising office. Their first factory is now rebuilt into their headquarters. The headquarters is located downtown Ho Chi Minh City and contains their merchandising office, pattern and marker team, sample lines, logistics and accounting department.

    Their 2nd factory is located 30 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City and currently has 6 sewing lines.

    vietnam apparel sourcing

    Their 3rd factory is located 2. Read more to learn about their sewing services, MOQ, payment terms and lead times. Learn how to make your own tech packs - free download. The first step to working with Vietnamese sewing factories is to have your tech packs ready. They are both instructions and a contract that save you time and money in the long run.Factory Email Introductions.

    Take you to factories. Cost your product. Consulting Services. Vietnam's Leading Manufacturing Sectors. Machinery Tools. PP Bags. Seditex Sourcing Services. Factory introductions by email. We will identify factories who match your requirements. We will provide you with information about the factories with all the necessary contact details so that you can communicate directly with them.

    We give you first name, last name, title, email and phone number of contact person. The only things we guarantee is that they are able to make your product and they will reply to your email. This is our most basic Sourcing company in Vietnam service. Quick, cheap and reliable way to get in touch with factories you can trust.

    Factory visits. We will take you there! We are happy to arrange for you to visit the factories and escort you during the visits for guidance and translation. If the factories are in Ho Chi Minh City then transportation is included. If we need to travel outside of Ho Chi Minh City then transportation is not included in our sourcing company in Vietnam factory visit service. We will work with the factory to get initial pricing based on your specifications. If you want, we CC you in all the emails to be transparent.

    We will require a target price to allow us to yield better results. We are a sourcing company in Vietnam, not an agency. We can manage choosing fabric, trims, accessories and design improvements. We can manage sampling, approvals, production planning, shipping documentation and more.

    The goal is to get you a final landed price and samples for approval. We interpret your original ideas and work with factories to figure each component and how to put it all together. This is our full service sourcing company in Vietnam offer.

    Our service fee is based on a fix amount, not commission. Factory assessments.Friday, July 22, What is the difference between mercerized and non-mercerized cotton? Here are some tips which help in building up our knowledge in sourcing textile before carrying out sourcing textile in Vietnam.

    Mercerized cotton is a special kind of cotton yarn that is more lustrous than conventional cotton. It is also stronger, takes dye a little more readily, makes the yarn more resistant to mildew and reduces lint. It also may not shrink or lose its shape as much as "regular" cotton. Mercerized cotton has a higher luster, greater strength, holds more dye, and does not shrink as much when washed as unmercerized cotton.

    Mercerized cotton yarn is smoother and shinier than unmercerized cotton making it more suitable for garments and fancier items. It also has less tendency to pill or create lint. It reduces the absorbency of the fiber, so unmercerized cotton is preferred for things like hand towels and diaper soakers.

    Friday, July 15, What is the difference between semi-combed and combed cotton yarn? Understanding the difference between semi-combed and combed cotton yarn is one of required criteria of garment sourcing company in Vietnam. Currently, The cotton plants in Vietnam are not enough to supply the demand of clothing factories in Vietnam.

    Therefore garment sourcing company in Vietnam have to consider carefully all the alternatives of supply whether from domestic or abroad. As a general rule, combed cotton is slightly more expensive than conventional cotton. The extremely soft, strong material is ideal for making bed linens and clothing which will be worn against the skin.

    If the textile used in a cotton product is combed cotton, it will usually be clearly identified. What is jersey knit verses interlock knit verses ribbed knit fabric? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Knitwear in Vietnam is workable with the most popular knitting fabrics below.

    They are used in word wide, domestic, and even industrial use. Jersey knit : most popularly seen in knitwear in Vietnam. They are composed solely of knits stitches. Wales show on the face side and courses show on the back of the fabric.


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