• W212 comand retrofit

    W212 comand retrofit

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    How to retrofit CarPlay Smartbox for BENZ E300 Command NTG4.5

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    w212 comand retrofit

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    These cookies are necessary for the basic functions of the shop. Allow all cookies. CSRF token. Currency change. Customer-specific caching. Decline all cookies. Individual prices.Discussion in ' Electronics ' started by clkmanOct 26, Messages: Messages: 6, My brief investigation shows it is easier as you don't need new air vents in the middle.

    You should install the fans and extra cooling, although some people don't bother. PM me your VIN number and i'll try and work out if the monitor needs replacing, or the wiring loom or the video lead between like on the W Richard. Thanks for the reply, I'm just starting the process of changing from my clk and haven't decided on a particlar model of E class yet.

    Is there any advantage in buying a W without Comand and then retrofitting it? SL BoyOct 27, Not really but there's more cars out there to choose from without comand than with. Richard, Forgot to ask about linquatronic, is it in the NTG 4 or is a seperate module and have mercedes implemented any security as in the NTG2. Many thanks.

    SL BoyOct 29, Its built in but you need to add the lever and switchpack, which from memory on W means all the switches around the steering wheel. If properly installed with Star Diagnosis this isn't normally an issue though, but getting the datacard update done normally requires the serial number of the COMAND unit, and thus if its been removed from a car it is likely that MB know about it since dealers now report all stolen units and MB know the serial number of the unit in any given car.

    Messages: 4, Diesel BenzOct 29, Thanks for the replies. Food for thought. Replying SL Boy, it's realy down to peoples preferances, you can get a similar spec third party Sat Nav for a couple of hundred pounds and if you've got more than one car it would be a logical route.

    Me, I'm not a fan of things stuck to the windscreen with cables dangling into the power socket.

    w212 comand retrofit

    Messages: 5, SL BoyOct 30, Still not sure it's worth the cash over an after market piece of kit though. WilsonukOct 30, What I noticed is the following. When you enter a route it seems to look at A roads as 60mph roads, when we all know the average is probably more like 45mph, it also seems to consider B roads to also be 60mph roads, when most are probably more like 30mph average. Because of this it will take you across country for 12 miles rather than 20 miles on the dual or motorway.

    Now if you did the actual speed limit of the roads it takes you down that would be fine, but it turns a 20 minute stretch of journey into 40 minutes! Really rather annoying. I beleive someone posted that with the latest telematics update released a few weeks ago and the latest maps it behaves itself much better - so you should get your MB dealer to do the updates Richard.Mercedes still do not fit DAB Digital radio as standard to most of their vehicles in most of their markets.

    However, countries are beginning to turn of FM radio and switch to DAB Digital radio, and this site will help you chose which DAB radio solution is best for your vehicle.

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    Mercedes vehicles have had a number of different technology head units, and within each technology there is a range of units:. The D-MB-1 has a 5 volt feed for antenna, so there is a limited set of antenna that work well, and this needs attaching to the front windscreen. It is therefore supplied with an antenna. The D-MB-2 has a 7.

    Notably, this voltage is the same as the factory antenna amplifiers, so it is possible to retrofit this using the factory antenna that appear in many Mercedes Benz vehicles as standard.

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    This will however require a Mercedes Benz antenna amp suitable for the vehicle it is being installed in and a suitable extension lead fro the antenna. We suggest mounting the DAB tuner device near the antenna and thus keeping the antenna short and using a longer pair of fibres to connect the DAB tuner to the stereo as that will improve the DAB signal.

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    COMAND Retrofit parts

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    Retrofit Kit for COMAND NTG4 in W212 E Class - Right Hand Drive

    Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted May 23, Lauching offer: Valid before 1 June Garrantee the lowest price in town.

    Stay tuned for photos and videos, NTG4. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 24, Posted May 25, Posted May 27, Pls quote me d same as above for W I don't need GPS. Posted May 28, The AGW is also in the trunk of the car and contains the radio tuners, the amplifier, the diagnostic gateway, the fibre optic MOST bus controler, and the diagnostic gateway.

    It is located between inner and outer wings on the left hand side. If you are installing the AGW wiring loom we recommend you consider installing the iPod kit as exactly the same parts of the car have been dismantled, and in fact, you could consider the iPod kit in anycase. If you have the E class saloon or CLS, if you look at the left and boot trim in your car and it looks like this in black or grey. The boot trims are either black or grey, and are different for cars with through loading and without.

    They are flat i. If your car is the E class estate and it has a similar recess to the picture above then you need a new left trim panel, warning triangle holder and sound deadening. Cable joiner if not installing iPod : A 74 Cars without existing navigation processor brackets i. If installing iPod kit. Mercedes part number B available here. Optional iPod holder. Mercedes part number B avaliable here.

    w212 comand retrofit

    The wiring will take the same route i. Firstly remove the wooden surround panel around the gearstick. On the W E class you just pull up the front edge it is hooked in at the rear edgeand the whole panel comes up. On the W CLS it is easier to leave the wood surround in place and pull up the metal surround of the actual gear lever, then you can reach through the hole and push the catches you can feel one at each end of the front edge of the trim whilst pulling the wood trim up from the front.

    Once the panel is pulled up, you can see a knurled plastic nut at the bottom of the gearknob itself, rotate anti-clockwise, unplug all the wires connected to the panel and then pull the gearknob upwards and remove the panel. Now you need to release the catches that hold the ashtray in place, there are two and they clip slightly forward using a screwdriver, whist applying pressure with the screwdriver pull the ashtray upward.

    Unplug the blue ashtray light connector and the black cigarette lighter power connector which pulls out at right angles to the body of the cigarette lighter i.

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    The black connector in the picture below is the cigarette lighter power and the blue connector is the ashtray lamp connector. Now remove the 2 screws that hold the lower control panel the one with the CD changer compartment in place:. Unclip the connectors, on cars with no CD changer there is just one connector the one with lots of wires on the left of the picture belowon cars with CD changer there is also a fibre optic connector latch on the left of the connector and the CD power connector 3 wires to the right of it.

    Note that if you want to install or remove the CD changer, you should open the CD changer compartment first and then remove the LCP connector the one on the left so that it is open for you to work on it. Now you can remove the whole section, it is easiest to move the gear stick to Drive position when removing it.

    Now undo the two screws that go up into the base of the Audio unit, just turn them until they stop turning. Reassembly is just the reverse of removal, remember to test that the CD changer compartment opens and closes before you tighten the screws up - in order for that to work the AGW needs to be connected which you may have disconnected if you are fitting COMAND.

    To access the wiring ducts you need to remove the door sills and the left hand rear seat bolster. Remove the inner door grey plastic sills from front and rear left hand side doors, this is done by pulling up the rubber trim, and pulling up the plastic sill.

    They must be pulled up from the rear end as there is a clip at the front end that hooks under the next piece of trim which will break off if you pull it up rather than sliding that end out.

    The picture below shows the front sill with the rubber removed, the one below that shows the rear with the plastic inner sill removed. Fold up the rear seat, or in the case of cars without through loading, remove the rear seat base cusion you can see the clips you need to push in at the front corner of the cushion whilst pulling the front end of the seat up.

    Remove the top section of it to allow you to fold up the carpet where you can see a 10mm plastic nut and the rest of the clip, both of which you need to remove. Once you have removed those you can pull up the side bolster of the seat to reveal the wiring path. Now remove the panel above the left hand footwell, which is held in by 2 torx screws - dont forget to carefully unclip wiring to the footwell light if present.

    On Left Hand Drive cars you will have to unscrew the bonnet opening handle and slide the clip at the back of the diagnostic socket to remove that also. If you are installing iPod or AUX on a Left hand drive car you will also have to remove the panel above the right hand footwell. This is done by removing the tie-down hooks proper hooks on cars with through-loading, small ones on cars without. Then removing the 2 clips pull top section out, then the rear section, and the black plastic clip around where the boot hinge comes out.

    w212 comand retrofit

    Now pull the rear end of the boot trim out, you can leave the end deep inside the boot in place - be careful not to knock the bulb out of the boot lamp as it is hard to find and will rattle.


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